CLAcom for DOS

Communications Library
Tools for Clarion Databases

Add serial communications capabilities to your Clarion For DOS Application. The CLACom For DOS Communications Library allows you to easily control auxiliary devices, add an auto dialer to your applications, connect to main frame computers or perform ANSI Terminal Emulation.

CLACom For DOS is the only Communications Library available for Clarion For DOS that supports High Speed Communications, Ymodem and Zmodem, DigiBoards, Serial ports far beyond COM 4, and Protected Mode capability.

Incorporate the popular Zmodem file transfer protocol into your application with a single function call. Automatically capture data to disk files. Communicate with up to 16 Serial Ports simultaneously at speeds up to 115,200 bps!

A comprehensive Terminal Emulation program is included. Use it as a template for designing your own communications program. It even supports the Clarion GUI kit for user friendly graphical applications!