CLAcom for Windows

Communications software
Database measurement systems

CLACom For Windows is a professional communications library for programmers using Clarion For Windows. It allows you to integrate interrupt driven, asynchronous communications into your Clarion programs. A Terminal Emulator is included with support for TTY, ANSI, VT100, and IBM3161 Emulations. The most popular File Transfer Protocols are supported, including all flavors of Xmodem and Ymodem, as well as Zmodem.

CLACom is the Clarion Developer's fastest and easiest link to Windows Communications. The Manual and On-line Help explain how to utilize the Communications Routines in Clarion - not in Basic, Delphi, or C.

Fear of Active X or OCX? Not to worry. CLACom does not use those hard to use schemes. Call the CLACom functions just like you do any Clarion procedure. No “properties” to set and no need to attach some sort of external “object” to a Window.

Template Procedures and Controls are provided to automate many of the tasks associated with adding Communications to a Clarion Application.